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Celebrate Independence Day with

Celebrate Independence Day with

Do you know for how many years Pakistan has been celebrating its independence? Ultimately, this year, on August 14, independence day 2022, Pakistan will celebrate its 75th Independence day, with its faith in being a stronger nation all these years. 


14th August is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy around the country. People in Pakistan usually wear green and white dresses, the national flag color, for the independence day celebration

Additionally, With full zeal, 14 August independence day is celebrated in various schools, organizations, companies, hospitals, homes, and roads. People visit monuments, museums, and other major landmarks of Pakistan. However, a one-day holiday is a good chance to have fun with family and friends to celebrate the national spirit. 

On the other hand, Social media users share their beliefs, make patriotic content, and put independence day quotes on their networks to connect with people. Some influencers made videos on their accounts related to Independence Day. Documentaries and short films have been made on the Independence of Pakistan. Additionally, our Pakistani media go to various places to take people's views on Independence Day. Hence, the smiles are being spread in each home in Pakistan. 


Moreover, it is essential to realize that Independence Day is not just about putting quotes, doing speeches, clicking pictures, and having fun. But, it is a huge day to make a strong aim to be a valuable citizen of our nation. We spread many worthwhile ideas and slogans to build enthusiasm in the country. But what if we don't implement those ideas in our daily lives? We make aims, but after the independence day ends, those aims and enthusiasm end as well. 

To maintain the national spirit, it is crucial to keep the decoration alive and energy after the day ends. Collect the flags and protect them from running or messing here and there. Further, cleanliness is mandatory, which can help us keep our country clean. After all the celebrations, pick up the garbage from the streets. To protect our country from damage, we must take care of it together. 

Moreover, some people sleep the whole day without even realizing it is their country's independence day. For this, one needs to understand the importance of Independence Day and should build patriotism in celebrating the national day. 

We have to consider Pakistan as our own home. Clearly, people don't throw rappers in their homes; they must realize that Pakistan is also our home, and we must maintain its cleanliness and peace. As we love our family members, we must also love our country members. Additionally, as we work to build ourselves, we must work for the country's success. If each of us realizes this fact, Pakistan can be stronger in every field.

Therefore, keep making your country the best even after independence day; patriotism for love and celebration should not end. So let's wake up and do our best on this independence day by decorating your homes, streets, and roads without forgetting that you also have to come up with the same patriotism the next day. 

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We wish you a very Happy Independence Day.