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For most people, home is where the heart is. It holds paramount importance as it is one place where their lives revolve around and since it is the place where they and their loved ones live. We want our home to be comfortable yet ravishing. Adding minor beauty elements to your home can oomph the beauty and make the homeowner realize their homes’ full potential. Decorating your home for own your benefit should be your top-notch priority because it is one place where you spend your entire life and want to feel comfortable and relaxed once you come home after a hustling day, but also so that it please your family and friends who come to spend some quality time at your place and feel welcomed. As it is very famously said, your home reflects your personality and is typically the first impression that anyone perceives of you once they enter your home. Therefore, the decor of your living space should be so imposing and lavish that the newcomer is bound to have a pleasant impression of you. You can perhaps start by taking a good look across your house and think about how you can integrate big or small spaces with several home decor items such as impressive paintings, elegant vases, lovely tables and more.

To make your task more accessible, we have enlisted several elementary tips about how you can elevate your home decor and that too without breaking your budget. Have a look:

  • Set The Tone at The Front Door

If you truly believe in portraying the best first impression, then paint the front door with a fun, gleaming hue. For example, the colour red was often considered to be a lucky charm and a red door meant “welcome” in early American days. Likewise, there are many colours that intensify the exterior of your house or hold traditional values in our lives. One thing that should be instantly omitted is the use of basic screen doors. Get rid of them and replace them with a storm door with full-length glass that you can further switch out for a screen panel.

  • Paint Wall Colours Light And Neutral

You should always prefer neutral colours like beige or grey, especially on the first floor (if you have more than one floor). You should try to minimise as many jarring conditions as possible. The flexibility and versatility that these colours come with is a win-win situation for them. Neutral colours will allow you to play around with your accessories and furniture, allowing you to easily oust the old ones and switch to brand new adornments. And if you have a less commodious place, say two rooms, for instance, paint them with the same neutral colour to make the area look more spacious. Just fluctuate a little bit, like an inch, up and down the paint strip to differentiate between the two rooms.

  • Make Sure Your Chairs And Sofas Talk To Each Other

While doing up your living space, think of a luxurious hotel lobby. The furniture is arranged in a manner that invites conversations and has a sense of balance and amenity. Ideally, a U-shaped arrangement with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table, or, an H-shaped arrangement where the sofa directly faces the two chairs with the coffee table in the centre is perfect. One common mistake which is inherent is that people usually push their furniture to the wall, leaving no space between the wall and the furniture, thinking that the space will look larger. In reality, letting the furniture float from the walls makes the area look larger.

Instead of heavy outdated drapes,  windows with absolutely no or very light white coloured drapes should have opted. Windows should always be dressed functionally and elegantly. If your kitchen gets a lot of sunshine, then go for lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen or silk blends which tend to hang well and naturally give a very soothing and tranquillizing effect to your kitchen.

  • Layer Your Lighting

Having three lights in every room is optimal: ambient, which provides illumination and comes from the ceiling fixtures; task, which is often placed over a kitchen island or a reading nook; and accent, which is more decorative, highlighting creative artwork. Installing calming and alluring lights can enhance the overall beauty of your living space and can shatter all your efforts put in to decorate the house.

Mirrors have the tendency to make the room look brighter as the light bounces off the mirror, making it look larger than it really is. But you should be extra careful while installing them, one mirror in the wrong place can be as bad as not having one at all. The symmetry of the mirrors should be such that they should be perpendicular to the windows in the room.

We hope that this article educated you well enough to decorate your living space efficiently. For further details, contact https://www.homazing.pk now.