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Nothing compares to the traditional system of air drying clothes at room temperature. It is a safe and economical way of drying clothes and not to mention. Not only is this method eco-friendly but also practical. It helps you save almost around 5-8% of your electricity and maintains a good quality of your clothes. Air dryers are gradually replacing all modern types of drying due to the abundant advantages. Air dryer, more often than not, requires a drying stand which can also be used indoors when, for instance, when the weather is not sufficient. The best thing about these stands is that they are foldable and can be easily accommodated even if you have fairly limited space. There are several advantages to having a cloth drying stand inside the house which is as follows:

No dust settling over your clothes.

Your clothes are free from all the dust that usually settles easily on wet surfaces. Living in a congested city, which is overrun by dust storms, pollutants from vehicles means that if you keep your clothes outdoors, you will be deprived of wearing your most beloved piece of cloth because it requires yet another wash. Having access to an indoor cloth drying stand frees you from all the worries of dust settling inside your clothes. It's as simple as it can be, you just need to hand your wet clothes on the drying stand and leave them overnight. By morning you'll have squeaky clean and dry clothes that are free from any dust or dirt.

No unnecessary stiffness 

In Pakistan, most people are fond of wearing cotton clothes and cloth-like cotton becomes stiff when exposed to extensive sunlight and gets too dry to be worn outdoors. They might as well shrink beyond the limit of the material. I'm sure nobody wants that at the end of the day. The favorable aspect of having a cloth drying stand is that you don't have to expose your cloth to the harsh effects of sunlight. Although it is true that sunlight is good for hygienic purposes, excess of it can destroy the integrity of the material. Therefore the easiest way to dry your clothes is to air dry them without getting anxious about the excess shrinkage or stiffness. 

Use it any time of the year.

Heedless of the climate, you can use out cloth drying stand whenever you wish without worrying about your clothes getting wet in rain or snow. To add on your needles need to worry about electricity availability as automatic washing machine dryers do require electricity. You can easily shift it around your place by folding it. They are sturdy enough to handle heavy clothes and are light and portable enough to be carried anywhere you want. If you are done with the work you can easily fold it up and store it and whenever you need it again you can bring it out of the storage and use it as per convenience.

Kill two birds with a single arrow

When you are drying the clothes inside your house, you need no extra power supply in order to continue the process. All you need is a ceiling fan or A/C, which you, either way, would use it. You don't have to put on anything and just let it dry off naturally. This saves a lot of your electricity and gas bills which you would have either invested in drying clothes when the weather conditions were not favorable. Even if you use an automatic dryer, it does no good to you, all the heat and moisture generated is vented out with no use for you.

Less harm to the material.

When you opt to dry your clothes indoors, you are exposing your clothes to a controllable environment that is not at all harsh to the material used in the making of the clothes. While an outdoor dryer does the total opposite, the excruciating sunlight sabotages the life of the material. You can surely confirm less deterioration of the clothes when they are air-dried using the cloth drying stand from HOMAZING. 

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